How to set PGP Encryption

*** Step A. Create your key***

1) Open web browser
2) Go here:
3) Click the big "Download gpg" button
4) Download it
5) Unzip it (if you don't know how to do this use google)
6) Open the folder and double click "start_windows.exe" (For Linux, click "start Linux)
7) Pick your language and click "next"
8) Now click "Create A Key Pair"
9) Click "Create New Key"
10) Fill in whatever name and email you'd like the world to see (Fake One PLEASE!), select key size (4096), and create a strong password
11) Click "finish"

*** Step B. Import key of someone you wish to write encrypted to***

1) Find their public key on their vendor page or wherever
2) Copy everything from "-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----" through "-----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----"
3) Paste all that into the box on the big blank left pane box inside gpg4usb
4) In gpg4usb above that box, on the menu bar, you'll find a button in the middle that says "Import Key". Click it and select "Clipboard"
5) Click "OK"
6) You should now see their name and key in the right hand box/pane
(if you don't have 2 window panes, a text editor and a key list on the right hand side; from the very top menu, click on "View", make sure there is a check box next to "Encrypt For:")

*** Step C. Write this person an encrypted message***

1) Clear the editor box (the left hand side box) in gpg4usb... highlight and delete... or close it and open a new one from the top menu. "File" > "new"
2) Type something in this blank box on the left hand side
3) In the right hand pane, select this person's name that you wish to write to.
4) This person doesn't yet have your key, so you need to give it to them. Right click your name now in the right pane, select "Append selected keys to text". Now your key should be copied into the left hand editor box.
5) In the right hand pane, select this person's name that you wish to write to.
6) Click the "Encrypt" button on the top menu
7) Click the "copy" button on the top menu... or do this manually whichever way you want
8) Paste this... in a PM to this person... or for an order, in the blank box that asks you for your address.

*** Step D. Receive an encrypted message***

1) Copy it all starting from "-------BEGIN PGP MESSAGE---" through "-------END PGP MESSAGE---"
2) Paste into your gpg4usb left hand panel
3) Click "decrypt" from the top menu
4) Enter your password
5) Read it