Safety and Guarantees

  • We do our best to provide maximum safety for our customers.
  • We do not know the laws of all the countries about steroids and do not carry responsibility for internal laws of your country.
  • We do the safest and most discreet packaging to provide smooth shipping.
  • We operate legally in a country where anabolic steroids are legal.
  • Shipping success rate is 99%, which actually means that every order finds its customer and the only way the order is missing is that it was lost in mail or other unforseen circumstances.
  • If it happens that your order is seized by customs or anything else, we will resend your order right away.
  • Safety and privacy of our customers is very important for us and we do everything to make it all safe and sound :-)

Online safety and anonymity is very important these days, so please pay attention to such things like using VPNs and anonymous mail servers.

There are many companies that offer such services, but you have to be carefull about choosing one, cause most of them do not offer any real anonymity, store logs and cooperate with authorities.

When you choose a provider of such services, pay attention to such aspects:

  • Country where company is registered
    (for example, if it is US company you can forget about any anonymity)
  • If they store your logs and activity
    (most of them do store it all and even if they say it is ereased in a month - it is not true)
  • If they accept anonymous ways of payment, like Bitcoin or some other online currencies
    (obviously you are not going to pay from your personal card, right?)
  • If they state that they do not cooperate with any 3rd parties about their customers
  • Also check feedback about the company via search engines

If you have any questions regarding your online anonymity and safety, you can ask me for advice.
I can recommend these services as reliable and proved to be real anonymous: