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We're glad to offer you VPN service from one of our partners, it can be bought along with your regular order and you will be able to browse the web privately.

What is it?:
VPN is needed to hide your real IP and to encrypt all your web traffic. When traffic is encrypted your ISP cannot see anything you do online.
They cannot track what sites you visit, what emails you send , what you download, what forums you post and so on....

If you want to keep your web-browsing private and do not want any 3rd parties to spy on your online activities you need to use VPN service.

VPN is a small client which you intall on your PC , you launch it before you start browsing and all your online activites will be invisible for ISP and your IP location will be changed to the IP of the server you chose in your VPN client. Safe, fast and east :)


Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigns an IP address to every device that is connected to the Internet. ISP is capable of logging all the traffic on your device and can monitor your personal data including emails, passwords, banking information, credit cards etc. Using a VPN service, you will be able to hide your IP address, encrypt your Internet connection, and secure connections on public hotspots.
VPN hides your actual IP and routes the Internet traffic through a remote VPN servers. Thus, you will get your real IP replaced with the one that matches the location of the remote server. Your data and all other information is encrypted which makes your security confirmed. Our VPN Zero Logs Policy gives you an extra layer of security.
You can feel highly protected online with our VPN service.

Price: 10$ per month
After the payment is confirmed, you will get links for downloading vpn client software for Windows OS and  Mac OS (android app is coming soon)
Locations: USA and Canada locations only
Installation: 3 easy steps installation. No tech skills are required! PDF instructions are included.
Support: 24/7


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